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2023 Marketing Hacks for Small Businesses

2023 Marketing Hacks for Small Businesses

Marketing matters more than ever in this digital age. Let's face it, the internet is where it's at!

If you're selling something online, it's a no-brainer that your target audience is lurking online during all hours of the day. But even if you're not selling online, there's a high probability that your ideal customers are scrolling, liking, and browsing on the internet at some point during the day.

According to studies, the average person spends over six hours a day using the internet. That's right, six hours! This is an amazing opportunity for businesses to get in front of their target audience and really make a connection.

With digital marketing, you can have a rockin' online presence that gets you noticed.

What does this mean for your small business?

The role of marketing for your small business:

  • Reaching a wider audience means more potential customers

  • Increases your brand awareness or brand recognition

  • Can help you understand your customers and competitors better

  • Can build long-term relationships with your customers

  • Supports your strong brand identity and makes you stand out

If you want to thrive, you need to get online. We have listed cost-effective marketing ideas to guide your small biz.

Spoiler: you don’t have to do all of it on your own

Investing in a marketing agency that does all these marketing tasks is your ticket to save time and energy. At Lenu Agency, we have a team of experts that supports in growing a business, may it be a new one or one who’s looking to scale. Send us an email to inquire!

Marketing ideas you can do as a small business:

1. Social Media Strategy

Be sure not to spread yourself too thin by joining too many platforms at once. To make strategizing easier, you can start with Instagram.

People are looking for more than just a product or service. They want a story, a personal touch, and a connection with the brands they buy from. And that's where you come in!

With a little creativity and a great marketing strategy, you can reach the same target audience as those larger companies - and even have an advantage.

To get started planning your Instagram strategy, check out this guide!

2. Start blogging

Blogging is like the magic wand to get your name on the SEO map 🪄 ✨

Not only does it make you the thought leader of your industry, but it could also help improve your website's visibility, drive organic traffic, and generate leads.

3. Revisit your market research

Digging into market research means understanding your audience's needs and your competition's weak spots. This information can be used to develop strategies to stand out in a crowded market, to maximize your return on investment, and to minimize risks.

Uncovering those valuable insights also means you can make smart business decisions that'll keep you ahead of the game and meet your customer’s needs.

4. Start a monthly newsletter

By providing valuable content, you can build a quality email list that actually looks forward to hearing from you. And with a little effort and experimentation in email marketing, you can create email campaigns that are as engaging as they are effective.

5. Attend local events and network

While online marketing is undoubtedly important, it's essential not to overlook the value of offline marketing. One way to connect with potential customers face-to-face is by attending local offline events.

These events provide a unique opportunity to build brand awareness, network with other business owners, and engage with your target audience in a more personal way.

6. Try co-marketing

Think about it, if you own a coffee shop and there's a bakery down the street, why not team up for a sweet promotion?

You could offer a "coffee and pastry" combo deal and promote it on both of your social media pages.

Not only will this attract both of your regular customers, but it could also bring in new customers who have never heard of your business before.

7. Invest in ads

In a world where time is money, waiting for organic traffic to grow just won't cut it! Pay-to-play tactics are a small business' secret weapon, helping you attract high-intent buyers and achieve those short-term wins that keep you in the game.

Let’s get your small business noticed!

Having a website, social media profiles, and engaging online content is crucial to attract and retain customers. With the right digital marketing strategy, businesses can not only increase their visibility and credibility but also drive conversions.

So if you’re serious and ready to grow your small business, investing in your marketing might actually save you time and money in the long run. That means stress-free and less time spent on social media & marketing, and more time spent growing your business.

Luckily, Lenu Agency offers these services. Check them out here and inquire with us today.


Ready to utilize marketing for your small business? Save time and grow your business with us. With Lenu Agency, you can delegate yours.


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