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How This Beauty Brand Grew Online Sales by 262%: Branding & Marketing Secrets Revealed

Ever dreamt of launching your own brand and taking it global? Well, that's exactly what IWLT, a stunning Korean skincare brand, did when they set their sights on captivating the US market. But let's face it, entering a new market can be a daunting task, especially in the competitive world of beauty brands. You need to grab attention, build trust, and convince people to choose you over all the other amazing brands out there.

Here at Lenu Agency, we were thrilled to partner with IWLT and help them achieve just that. We specialize in transforming brands and helping them achieve their growth potential. The results? A staggering 262% increase in online sales! So, how did we do it? 

Building a Brand to Last: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Imagine walking into a crowded networking event. You want to stand out and make a memorable impression, right? The same goes for your brand. A strong brand identity is like your unique elevator pitch – it's what makes people remember you and what you do.

A branding style guide served as IWLT's visual rulebook, ensuring consistent brand messaging across all platforms – from logo colors to marketing materials. This consistency builds instant brand recognition and clarifies IWLT's values to potential customers. In short, a cohesive brand identity is key.

Content is Queen (and Seriously Works Wonders!)

Let's be honest, who doesn't love scrolling through beautiful and informative content? We crafted engaging social media posts and email marketing campaigns that resonated with IWLT's target audience. We didn't just bombard them with product pitches – we offered valuable tips, shared fun tutorials, and even incorporated some user-generated content (real people using and loving IWLT products!). This approach not only entertains but also builds trust and positions IWLT as a brand that truly cares about its customers.

Here are some key strategies we used:

  1. Personal: Sharing personal stories and behind-the-scenes glimpses helped IWLT connect with their audience on a deeper level.

  2. Promotion: Regularly highlighting their products and special offers kept the audience informed and engaged.

  3. Engaging: We always made sure to encourage interaction.

  4. Sharing Passion: Showcasing IWLT’s passion for skin care made their content relatable and authentic.

  5. Education: Providing tips and advice positioned IWLT as an expert in the industry, building trust and credibility. We also ensured that each content is transparent enough (e.g. ingredients, information)) since IWLT promotes clean beauty.

BONUS TIP: Our favorite skincare/beauty content ideas are before and after transformations, product reviews, how-to's, skincare routines, and user-generated content. 

Email Marketing Magic: Making Inbox Love Happen

When done right, email marketing can be a highly effective way to promote your business. It may sound old-school but guess what, it still helps you to create a relationship with your audience and increases your sales.

For IWLT, we built campaigns of targeted emails with beautiful visuals, clear CTAs, and valuable content. We also segmented their email list, so emails are sent out to groups of people that share some common interests. This personalized approach makes people feel seen and heard, which ultimately leads to more clicks and conversions (a fancy way of saying more people buying IWLT products!). Furthermore, scrubbing your email list of unengaged subscribers keeps your communication directed toward those who are most likely to act upon your email.

Strategic Improvements and Their Impact

Insta-Love: Social Media Optimization

Instagram is a beauty lover's paradise, so it was crucial for IWLT to shine on this platform. We started by optimizing their profile. Think of it like your Instagram resume: a clear bio with relevant keywords, a captivating profile picture, and a link in bio tool that directs people straight to their website. We also focused on creating a visually appealing feed with consistent aesthetics and content that resonated with their target audience. The results? IWLT's reach skyrocketed by a whopping 19.5k, and engagement soared by 213%!

Beyond the Digital: Events & Influencer Power

And of course, the creation of buzz and increased brand recognition is not confined to the digital realm. We assisted in planning a pop-up launch party for IWLT with influencer appearances which allowed them to connect with potential customers face-to-face and generate excitement for their brand. Influencer outreach was also key – we carefully selected influencers whose audience matched IWLT’s target demographic, resulting in authentic and impactful promotions.

Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Building Your Brand:

  • Overselling Yourself: Focus on building trust before pushing sales.

  • Being Fake: Authenticity is key to connecting with your audience.

  • Targeting the Wrong Audience: Know your ideal customer and tailor your messaging accordingly.

  • Inconsistency: Maintain a consistent brand presence.

  • Mimicking: Highlight your unique selling points instead of copying competitors.

Measurable Results Achieved

Because of these strategies, our efforts yielded impressive results:

  • Accounts Reached: 19.5K (+747%)

  • Accounts Engaged: 521 (+213%)

  • Email Engagement: Over 42% open rates and 2.3% click rates.

  • Advertising Impressions: First ads, giveaways, and boosted posts achieved over 275,000 impressions.

  • Sales Growth: A 262% increase in monthly online sales.

Jennia, IWLT’s US Brand Ambassador, shared her excitement about our collaboration:

“You brought my visions, ideas, and creative aspects to life. Very valuable and created a voice/image for IWLT Beauty which is something we really yearned for. Lenu helped us really bring our ideas come to life. Thank you so much!!”

The secret sauce behind IWLT's success? A holistic approach to branding and marketing. We didn't just focus on one aspect, we created a cohesive strategy that addressed all the essential touchpoints. Remember, your branding and marketing are more than just a logo and aesthetics; it's the entire experience you create for your customers.

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