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How To Plan Your Social Media Content Strategy In 5 Steps

Planning a social media content strategy may sound like a lot of work. From mapping out content to creating content, it may seem like a lot especially when you have other tasks on your to-do list. But the good news is, it doesn't have to be that way!

The key is to have a solid social media content process so it's easier and saves you and your team time.

Here are our 5 tips to plan your social media content strategy:

1. Create Social Media Content Pillars

Content pillars, also known as content buckets, are themes and topics used to guide your social media content strategy. Content pillars help you create content that's consistent and relevant to your niche and audience. In short, they save you a ton of time in figuring out what to post.

For example, a beauty brand could focus on product features, UGC (user-generated content), or beauty hacks and tips.

Your content pillars will be specific to your brand, that's why it's essential to create content pillars before you start posting.

2. Plot Everything In Your Content Calendar

Depending on how far out you want to plan your content, a social media content calendar will help you map out your content more efficiently and give you an overview of your content strategy for the next month or two!

A simple content calendar on Google Sheets is one way to go about it, and you can customize and make it your own. Key things to include in your calendar are the date of posting, where to post, key dates to remember, and the type of content you’ll be creating.

You can also use content calendars on Planoly,, Hootsuite, and other scheduling platforms to keep you on schedule.

3. Create Your Content In Batches

Creating content takes a lot of work. Between sourcing images, filming reels, and writing captions, there’s so much to do!

Our tip: save time and batch-create your content.

Content batching means setting a time to create all of your work in one session. For example, you could set a time to create a week’s worth of captions or graphics, instead of spending an hour each day working on 1-2 posts.

In doing so, you’re saving time by focusing on a task instead of jumping from one task to another.

4. Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Is your content ready to go? Then it’s time to schedule them! Our tip: schedule your social media posts using a free plan on Planoly.

With Planoly, you can easily schedule up to 30 posts a month with their free plan. If you’re ready to take your content planning to the next level, there’s a paid version with useful features for posting TikTok videos and Instagram Reels.

5. Don't Forget To Repurpose Your Content

Now, this part is crucial because of all the hard work you put into your content and schedule. If you’re not repurposing your content across platforms, then this is your sign. Cross-posting your content to different platforms will save you time and effort — just be mindful of the appropriate sizing per platform.

For example, if you’re posting a reel on Instagram, you can repurpose it on TikTok or YouTube and make any changes to the caption or the video before publishing.

Another tip is to check analytics for your top performing posts and see whether these can be repurposed. For example, if a particular carousel post worked well in the past, why not turn it into a reel?

We Hope This Helps!

Social media may seem like fun work on the outside, but it takes a ton of time to plan, ideate, and create. But with the right tools and processes, you can create a solid social media plan more efficiently for your brand.

Need help with social media marketing? We offer custom packages to help your business thrive on social media. Email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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