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2022 At A Glance: Our exciting projects, milestones, & goals for the new year

And just like that… we’re down to the last few days of 2022.

It’s been one heck of a year — and certainly a busy and fun one at Lenu! To highlight some of our notable projects and exciting milestones, we asked our team to talk about their favorite moments, projects, and goals for 2023.

It’s been a busy year for Lenu — any notable project(s) or event(s) you’re most proud of? ✨

Krys: It’s been a great year working with small businesses for social media marketing, email marketing, holiday ad campaigns, website launches, and much more! We’re also thrilled to have worked with new clients - mostly fashion brands and a skincare brand - and seeing growth with our clients!

We’re also launching our podcast note to us very soon, so stick around for the big announcement! Follow us on Instagram for more updates!

Jina: One big highlight of 2022 is growing our team! We’re a small team but it’s been wonderful working with passionate and hardworking people — who always give their best! Our podcast note to us is also launching soon and we’re excited to show everyone what we’ve worked on over the last few months!

What project did you enjoy working on the most this year? 👩🏻‍💻

Krys: I love working with beauty and decor brands (shhh - can't share which ones yet!) but small products are so much fun to shoot (and easier to shoot than fashion). You can use props, hands, mirrors, and holiday decor to shoot the cutest, prettiest photos ever! And of course, our podcast “note to us” branding and vision! Can't wait to share many more projects soon!

Jina: I loved creative directing brand photoshoot campaigns. I enjoyed translating concepts into visual expressions. Planning and directing the shoot is A LOT of work but the joy of seeing all that hard work come to life is what I enjoy the most.

Dee: I really love working on Ceros’ grids. It was easy for me to work on a project/task since they have a lot of photos/videos that I can work with. Not only that, the brand itself is in line with my personal fashion style.

Diane: I enjoyed writing for Lenu's blog and other clients as well. I wanted (and still do!) to improve my writing, especially blog writing so I'm glad I was given the opportunity to explore and learn this medium.

One more thing: I'm enjoying working on some graphic design projects like brand style guide templates or e-books - but more on that later! :)

Jov: I loved working on the new podcast, note to us. Not only because green is my favorite color but also because the vision behind Note to Us interests me so much. I'm proud to have made the effort to learn more (as my Adobe Illustrator skills got rusty over the year.) It's a small step career-wise, but huge personal-wise.

What are your goals for 2023? 🪄

Krys: Launching our podcast and staying consistent, being on time for everything, and growing together personally and professionally with our beautiful and amazing team! 2023 personal goal is to let go of things to make room for new things!

Jina: My goals for Lenu are successfully launching the first studio branch, growing our team into a solid foundation, and onboarding a big box retailer or well-known brand(s). For my personal goals, I would like to prioritize a healthy work-life balance and stay consistent.

Dee: I want to be involved more with branding and email marketing. For my personal goals this coming 2023, I really want to explore graphic design more, so that I can have more online jobs. I also want to vlog more, express myself more on Instagram, and save enough so I can have my simple dream wedding!

Diane: Hmm, this one's a thinker! In terms of career/work, I'd like to explore website copywriting and improve my content writing and graphic design skills. My personal goal for next year is to read, read, read! I've fallen out of my reading habit over the last few years and recently got back into it. So I'm hoping to keep at it next year!

Jov: This 2023, I will deliver, celebrate life, and see all the sights! I'm not usually big on personal projects, but I will give it my best. For career goals, I want to try other design specialties like branding and logos, web design, and email marketing design. For personal goals, I’d like to save up, and (re)connect with loved ones and friends!

What’s your most memorable moment at Lenu Agency? 👀

Krys: Our end-of-the-year presentation and Christmas party dress-up with trivia would have to be my favorite! It was the best time of the year even though I didn't win a prize — it was worth all the smiles and laughter we shared together!

Jina: My most memorable moment at Lenu Agency would have to be our virtual holiday party!

Dee: By far the best one is when we had our Christmas Meeting. That was the day that I saw Krys' and Jina's funny and competitive side. I felt that I belong and I am with the best team!

Diane: By far, playing the Christmas trivia with the team. It was fun! Even though some of the answers didn't make sense LOL — it was still fun!

Jov: The recent virtual party is memorable for me. It was all smiles and laughter - my jaw hurt LOL. Hope to have more themed meetings with the team!

2022 was definitely an eventful year for us 💖

And we couldn’t have been more proud of our projects and milestones as a team. We can’t wait to see where the new year takes us, but we’re hoping to make more magic!

Let’s be friends — follow us on Instagram @lenuagency to stay updated with the latest news, trends, and all things social media.


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